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Innovation in Information Management


Develop standardisation across the business in the way in which your people work

DM System

A document management system that fits your process or the way you do business


Create and develop your online presence to reflect your business and its values


Manage the smooth integration of your projects with specialists in project and change management


Managing Information well is vital to any successful business. At VantageKey we provide the knowledge, tools and capabilities enabling your business to own, control and maximise the value of your information, from process creation or analysis through to document management system implementation and integration. VantageKey has the appropriate specialists to ensure that your business information is presented in a standardised fashion and securely protected, whether internally via a document management system or externally via your online presence.


Strengthen Your Business with VantageKey

Is your business in a position of strength to move forward and capitalise on market share?
VantageKey can help you strengthen your business and ensure that you are.



At VantageKey we take the time to work with our clients to achieve their overall goals with regard to how they manage their information throughout their business. With over 20 years of experience in the creation of process development our team can ensure that you have that standardised professional approach to the way you do business. Add to that our information (document) management system, and the know-how and experience the team has around knowledge, change and project management, your business will quickly benefit from the efficiencies experienced within to the perception experienced online.

Vantage VBM
  Premier Information Management for the Project, Service and Consulting Businesses' and Professional Teams.


  • What can your Business do with VBM? - A great deal as it turns out: VBM Overview
  • From Document Management and Automating Transmittals... It's all there: VBM Features
  • Complete information system integration and deployment solutions: Client Case Studies
  • Download the VBM application. See the system in action for yourself: VBM Trial Software


    Contact VantageKey for a one-on-one demonstration of VBM and it's capabilities.
We think you will be extremely impressed with VBMs ability to deliver real-world benefits.


Key Services

Business Planning - creation and collation

Business Analysis - process creation, development and documentation

Change Management - strategy and implementation

Graphic Design - brochures, flyers, online design

Document Management

Email Management 

CRM Systems


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What Our Clients Say

Delivered with the highest standard of professionalism

Dianna Kotsis
Environmental Scientist
VDM Environmental

VBM has proven its value many times over... 

Grant van Rensburg
General Manager – Projects West Downer EDI Engineering

... A smooth transition with fantastic support and training

Dianna Kotsis
Environmental Scientist / Administrator
VDM Environmental

Finally a product that is so versatile, of benefit and easy to use

Gary Hall-Jones
Office Manager
VDM Consulting

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